Product Description

Snatch straps with anti-recoil feature

The anti-recoil safety straps are a superb product. They have been engineered to be attached to the end of the snatch straps to help eliminate the recoil of the main pulling straps, should tension after 8500kg be achieved between the two vehicles and the snatch strap break. On destruction tests, the straps break where the sewing ends to form the eye.

More important is the fact that many attachments bolted, welded etc. are not adequate to withstand the tonnage placed on them and instead of the strap breaking, they have been known to shear or tear away the shackles, hooks or rings depending on what has been fitted to the vehicle.

Therefore we suggest that the anti recoil safety straps be fastened to another point and not the same one as the pulling strap. Always stand clear of the webbing strap that is under tension. “Be safe not sorry”.

Australian Made

The recovery bridle/tree protector

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